Katrina "Rainsong" Messenger is the founder of The Good Love Project and your friendly, neighborhood "Sex Geek". 

She has spent over half her life studying sacred sexuality practices, intimacy, women’s health, pleasure, and communication skills. She has taught workshops on these topics and more for nearly a decade and on three different continents! Her knowledge comes from traditional academia as well as lived experiences ranging from natural healing to birth work to adult entertainment. She has worked with and co-facilitated with several of America’s top sex and intimacy educators. Katrina is a trained Life Coach and her writings on sex and body positivity have been published on Bustle and YourTango.com

Full of personal stories and humor, Katrina teaches in a conversational manner that is upbeat, entertaining and empowering. She is also a mother, yoga teacher, and performance artist.  In 2013, Katrina released her first book R.A.W. Nude Yoga: Celebrating the Human Body Temple.