As a Sex and Relationship Educator. I help singles and partners boost confidence and increase pleasure in their lives both in and beyond the bedroom!  One way I do this through offering coaching; private educational and supportive sessions coverings such topics as Relationship Dynamics, Pleasure Techniques, Personal Empowerment and Sexual Health and Wellness.

Geek Out Sessions - This your chance to sit down with a sex geek and fully pick their brain. It’s like a private workshop built around your interests and a chance to share, ask questions and explore.

Erotic Empowerment - What if you had the building blocks to create the love life you dreamed of? Well, you do! And in our personal empowerment sessions, we discover them! 

Poly Coaching - Are you in a relationship and thinking of opening up? I can help you decide what approach is best for you, guide you in getting started and support your emotional process as you enter a new world of possibility. Already open? Let's boost your relationship skills for ever-growing love!

Conscious Monogamy -  Ready to take your love to a deeper level of communication and intimacy? Develop skills for compassionate communication, release fear patterns from past relationships to build something new and beautiful!

Feeding the Spark - Want to add something new to your relationship? From Tantra to BDSM, I’ll help you lay the groundwork to explore together in love and safety.

Vulvadvocacy/Womb Healing - One one one education and guidance in vulva/vaginal health and healing through yoga, massage, stone eggs, energy work, meditation and herbs. Clear past hurts and gain new strength.

Host A Class!

Got a group of friends interested in a topic? You can host any workshop for your group! Email for details!