Welcome to The School of Love!

We have a variety of fun classes ranging from sexual health to relationship dynamics to pleasure tech! Check out our calendar for upcoming events or book a class for yourself and friends!

Intro To Kink: BDSM for Lovers (Co-ed) or FemDom for Nice Girls (ladies only)

Curious about exploring your Dominant side? Do you fantasize about being of service? Being Helpless? Maybe exploring your limits? Intro to Kink and FemDom For Nice Girls are two chances to ask questions, explore and share fantasies and learn how to make those fantasies into fun, hot (and empowering) experiences!

Sensual Movement Meditation

Learn to tap into your sensual energy through movement, awareness and breath. Harness this energy for performance, personal empowerment or a rocking date night!

*all body types, ability levels, and genders welcome

Be A Vulvadvocate!

Vulvadvocacy - Myth busting and self discovery to build a relationship with your body and feel empowered from the doctor’s office to the bedroom and beyond! This series of workshops is broken into four modules to give you the power to create your own curriculum. Classes can be taken in or out of order, all together or a la carte. Some mods are edgier than others and all classes allow for personal sharing.​

*vulva owners only

Love in the Aquarian Age: Authentic Relating and Finding Your True Intimacy Style

You are invited to a conversation about love and relating in the New Paradigm! Take a journey with me through our social history to see where many of our beliefs about love, intimacy, and sex come from. What is your true Intimacy Orientation? Discover the many paths available to you and how you change self-limiting programming to find ultimate romantic and sexual fulfillment.  True love begins with being true to yourself!