Welcome to The School of Love!

We have a variety of fun classes ranging from sexual health to relationship dynamics to pleasure tech! Check out our calendar for upcoming events or book a class for yourself and friends!

Here are descriptions of our most popular offerings in our ever-growing curriculum!

Intro to Tantra: How to Make Love like a Yogini
This life-changing workshop series will introduce you to the basics of Conscious Love and Sacred Sexuality through the Eight Limbs of Yoga. Mindfulness practices you can take to the bedroom and out into the world for sensual, blissful living and inner peace.

P***y Pilates: Vaginal Fitness for Health and Pleasure

P***y Pilates takes a step beyond basic Kegels to give you comprehensive knowledge of Pelvic Floor Anatomy. A collection of exercises (including yoni egg instruction) is taught so you can reap the most rewards! *vagina owners only

The Yoni Owner’s Manual Workshop
The ultimate in “Girl Talk”. Find answers to all your questions, even to ones you may not have realized you had! Why should the most personal, intimate part of ourselves be shrouded in mystery? Take ownership of your body, your health, and your pleasure! *vagina owners only

This series of workshops is broken into four modules to give you the power to create your own curriculum. Classes can be taken in or out of order, all together or a la carte. Some mods are edgier than others and all classes allow for personal sharing.​

Intro To Kink: BDSM for Lovers (Co-ed) or FemDom for Nice Girls (ladies only)
Curious about exploring your Dominant side? Do you fantasize about being of service? Being Helpless? Maybe exploring your limits? Intro to Kink is your chance to ask questions, explore and share fantasies and learn how to make those fantasies into fun, hot (even empowering) experiences!

Sensual Movement
Whether you want to create an enticing at home show for your partner, or you’d like to build up your confidence with sexy grace, Sensual Movement teaches you how to express your beauty from the inside out.

Safety Dance: Making Sex Safer and Safer Sexier!
Take your Safer Sex Skills from Basic to Blackbelt! Get up to date, sex-positive, empowering Sex Ed! Vital health information, myth-busting, and tips to for creating ease around safer sex communication and practices!

Kama Sutra Discovery Playshop
You don’t have to be an experienced Yogi or take circus training to have fun in the bedroom (or kitchen, car or office)!  Expand your lusty lexicon with new positions to enhance your erotic adventures. Learn ways to modify positions for greater ease, comfort, and pleasure! Positions for toy and group play!

The Yoni Lover’s Manual

Boost your cliteracy! Learn the secrets of vaginal pleasure anatomy, feminine sexuality and how to enhance your Oral skills and Manual technique!

The Fine Art of Fellatio
Ready to take your Oral and Manual skills to the next level?! Join us (and our collection of props) for a fun evening that’s going to take you to the Geek Level of Phallic Pleasure Tech! *givers only, no spectators 

Love in the Aquarian Age: Authentic Relating and Finding Your True Intimacy Style
You are invited to a conversation about love and relating in the New Paradigm! Take a journey with me through our social history to see where many of our beliefs about love, intimacy, and sex come from. What is your true Intimacy Orientation? Discover the many paths available to you and how you change self-limiting programming to find ultimate romantic and sexual fulfillment.  True love begins with being true to yourself!

Monthly Support Circles (Always Free Events)

Polyamory and Non-Monogamy Discussion Group
Are you interested in Alternative Relationship Dynamics? Currently practicing Polyamory? Maybe you’re monogamous and you'd like to learn more about releasing jealousy and improving communication? Whether you're a Newbie, a Vet or just curious our Monthly Poly Talk provides you answers, community and support!